How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones When One Side Not Working

Headphones is a type of invention that can be widely seen using by gamers mostly or music lovers. As headphones are of three types; headphone who are attached with wire, wireless headphones and earbuds.

All look different but has similar function to perform. Bluetooth headphones or ear buds are more popular among people than those headphones which are attached with wire. 

Now just imagine it’s a beautiful day, birds are chirping and sun is out there perfectly now all you need is to do a walk by listening your favorite songs. But suddenly when you put your headphones on and you suddenly realize that there’s a problem! One of the sides is not working as it is the most irritating thing if it happened with someone. 

This can happen with anyone, and it considered to be the most problematic global dilemma. Sometimes you switch your headphones with new set of headphones but after sometime it again starts to happen, you DON’T need to WORRY! This article will help you to solve your problem.

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones When One Side Not Working

You have read multiple descriptions for finding a solution to this problem, that why have your headphones suddenly stopped working from one side. First you definitely need to take care of your headphones as you just don’t drop them haphazardly. 

As it is quite frustrating if only one side of your headphone is working, specifically if you have the habit of listening music on daily basis. Some people just go over with buying set of headphones but its not that easy to give up on your expensive headphones. 

When the headphones suddenly stopped working people considered that their headphone is just broken and they start searching for a new set-in home or try to buy a new set as soon as possible, but all you need to do is that look down for other possibilities. Here are some points to fix down your Headphone issues;

  • Device Setting, when your headphones are working from only one side go and grab another perfect piece of headphones and check if they are working properly, if those headphones were also working from one side then you need to check your device settings. 
  • Restart your device, try again by restarting your device whether it’s your phone or your system. This might be happened due any recent software update in your device. After restarting check if you are hearing from one side or both if still you are hearing from one side than definitely the problem is in your headphones. 
  • Change the Settings, check out the headphone properties as if there is balance present between the both sides, if the voice levels are not balanced make sure that they are balanced. You also need to make sure that the mono option is off. 
  • Power off, afterwards if still nothing is happening all you need to do is power off your headphones or earbuds then restart them, then check if its working or not if not, then the problem must be in the headphones. 
  • Reset, quickly give a reset to your headphones if they still causing the problem for give a reset all you need to do is just hold the power button of your headphones, when the flash color become blue or red then its all done. 

If nothing from the above is working then unfortunately you need to buy a new pair of Bluetooth headphones or ear buds, anyhow mostly the chance is that any one solution will definitely work out as sometimes your headphones are not broken, but facing some little issues. 

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